Fishing equipment has changed over the years to include everything from colorful, scented artificial lures to using GPS navigational equipment in order to find large groups of fish in a body of water.
Fishing equipment can be found in a variety of places including:
• Sporting good stores
• Outdoor and wildlife stores
• Grocery stores
• Hardware stores
• Home improvement stores
• Online stores
• Online auction sites
• Bait and tackle shops
If you are just learning how to fish, then you will not need to buy much
specialized equipment. Those who fish often have their own preferences,
which you will develop later on.

As many fishermen will tell you, it isn’t about buying the most expensive rod
and other equipment, it’s about finding equipment that is the best for your
skill level. As you fish more often, you will improve your casting skills, which
will help you catch more fish.
Basic fishing equipment needed for salt water fishing and fresh water fishing
is different from fly fishing, ice fishing, and deep sea fishing. You will need:
• Casting rod
• Spinning reel
• Fishing line
• Fishing hooks
• Bait

It is best to visit a store to see what they have to offer. You will be able to
test different casting rods to find one that is the right height and weight.
Once you are sure of the equipment you enjoy using, you will be able to
order new equipment online.


A casting rod is more commonly known as a fishing pole. Modern casting rods
are made of heavy plastic or graphite. They vary in size in order to
accommodate fishing in different bodies of water. They also vary in weight.
Depending on the types of fish you want to catch, you should buy a casting
rod that will allow you to catch fish and reel them in quickly and easily.
When looking for a casting rod, you should take note of the following
• Length of rod
Most casting rods used for salt water and fresh water fishing are
between 7’ and 12’.
• Lure weight
This will tell you the maximum weight of lure the rod can handle. Lures
used for salt water fishing are usually weighted in order to reach fish
at different depths. Most lures weigh between 1 and 12 ounces.
• Grip
Casting rods are more comfortable because of padded grips that are
available. When testing casting rods, make sure you get a firm hold on
the rod and that it feels comfortable when performing a casting
Casting rods can be expensive, but you shouldn’t let price fool you. Look for
the casting rod that is the best for your level of fishing experience and
comfort. While expensive casting rods may be more cosmetically attractive,
they may provide the same level of comfort and control as a less expensive